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When you own a horse you want your horse to have the longest, healthiest life it can possibly have. Horse take a lot of patience and responsibility when you own one. Getting and keeping your horse in healthy shape and keeping him/her there can be a task all in and of itself. We will discuss some pointers for you to go by as you go on the journey to keeping your horse as healthy as you can. These tips will cover a range of topics from taking care of your horses basic every day needs to their equine nature.

Allow Movement

You can give your horse exercise in numerous productive ways. Either at liberty, using a handler or even riding the horse is proper exercise. This is the key to your horse being at the peak of health is constant movement and letting their bodies get used to the movement they may or may not be required from them. Horses are built to move not to be stuck in a stable all the time, this will weaken their joints and their muscles, and you do not want that to happen. If you do not have access to do extensive exercise with your horse, just change up your normal routine with the horse and change the path your ride etc., so long as the horse has some form of movement daily!

Allow your Horse to be Social

Horses are naturally herd animals. This is important to remember. Horses strive for that bond and companionship because they naturally tend to crave it. Horses learn so much from the behaviors of other horses around them, they will learn proper behavior, if you put a pony in the field with a an older well trained the pony ill start to pick up on the actions of the older horse. If you do not have any other horses available for your horse, it is highly suggested for you to find a companion for them to have to better assure they have a friend to keep their mental health good. Horses need what humans need which is socialization and bonds that cannot be broken.

Give them time to Graze

Give your horse the time to be out and graze, time for them to soak up the sun and enjoy the natural elements. Horses can spend all day out in the fields grazing, if you have ever paid close enough attention they will eat a little and take a few steps and graze some more, so they are staying moving while feeding their bodies, killing two birds with one stone kind of deal. Thwild. is process keep their joints healthy and lubricates them, as well as keeping their feet healthy, and mainly their digestive system activity. The grazing is also beneficial because it gives them their sense of freedom and mirrors being out in the wild.

Mental Health Stimulation

If you have ever came across a horse suffering from boredom, you already know that the entire personality is affected by not enough stimulation. Not only is boredom a problem it can cause illnesses that result from stall vices. If the horse you own is stalled try to give the horse access to be able to at lest visually see the other horses in the stall, and you can get a gate instead of pad lock doors to assure they are able to have this luxury. Horses also like having toys, you can find stall horse toys online. Try buying some of those to give your horse the entertainment they require.

Respect the Horses Natural Instincts

If you take the time to understand and have respect for the beauty of a horse allowing what is to be considered a predator (a human) to ride on their backs, and to carry them to where they need to be, or to complete a task, you should have respect for this. Horsemen learn to have an appreciation for the horses sacrifice they make to have a relationship with a “predator”. Once you start to learn your horses natural instinctive behaviors your perspective can easily change and you will learn to be a team and work together more efficiently. Horses are born with natural instincts, instincts that humans do not obtain. Try to become on with your horse and gather that mutual respect and understanding for each other.

Invest Quality Time

Investing one on one time with your horse is not only important but it is vital. If you want a horse that trains well, and can be taught to remove some of their stubborn traits you should have an easy road with your friend. People who have loaded schedules and no free time cannot give a horse what it needs, or they have to hire professionals to care for their horse. Quality time allows you and the horse to understand one another, and for you to be the one giving the horse commands. Horses make their owners earn that respect. Once you establish this bond, you and your horse will have created a foundation to continue growing together and learning each other.

Listen to Cues from Your Horse

Just as with any animal you have had, they have their own way to tell you their specific needs and wants. Over time you begin to learn what these specific cues mean. You will hear stories from other horse owners where the horse will start biting when it is being saddled, with this new but not so enjoyable cue, you are being prompted by the horse to loosen the saddle because it is giving him/her discomfort. They cannot directly tell you what is hindering them, however they do have their own subtle way to let you know what is going on with them and you should listen & exhaust all options to find out what it is. Finding the cause is important because if it is painful joints or a bad shoe, this could deter your horse greatly.

For centuries horses have been used for many reasons for man. Now days it is more common to see horses used for pleasure rather than working them. Horses are smart useful animals, and if you want the most out of your horse for whatever your reason for having one is, then you need to properly care for your horse and its health. If you do not have the ability to do so, professionals are available to do these tasks for you. Horses are investments, that can pay off, but you have to do the work to gain the reward from it.

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