Benefits of Flying Private in 2020

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The year 2020 was one we will all soon not forget. The world faced tremendous challenges that were beyond anyone’s control. More countries are now opening for air travel, which has been much anticipated by many in the air travel community. Airports are paying extra close attention to safety guidelines.

Private flying is now on the rise. In this article we will discuss the benefits of private airports. And why it is something you should consider.

Top Reason to Fly Private Air

As someone who has interest in private flying I think you will find these tips encourage you to start using private flying for your future travels.


By choosing private air travel it provides you with a safer way to fly, because it reduces your exposure to health and security risks. Typically when people fly commercial they go through approximately 700 touch points every time they fly. When flying private you are only encountering 20 touch points. This information was gathered by GlobeAir AG, a leading light jet operator.

With those touch points exceptionally decreased the potential risk for contagion is thirty times lower when you decide to fly private rather than commercial. Not only are you lowering the risk of being exposed you are reducing interacting with many others who you could expose as well. Safety first is the common phrase all are applying in 2020.

Private Airport


Private charter costs have declined greatly in recent years, 30-50% to be exact. By doing this it brought them closer than they have ever been to the cost of first class tickets and regular commercial flight ticket cost.

Avinode, a Swedish business technology company did a market study focused on business aviation, to charter a private jet from New York to Miami would have cost you  $20,000, Now you can do this for half that cost. If the jet has 10 passengers that brings the cost to around $1,200 per flyer.

Another plus side is with jet card membership this allows you the opportunity to fly whenever you want too. This eliminates the cost of full aircraft ownership and in turn makes private air travel more affordable.

Corporate executives and entrepreneurs’ time is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, so having their own jet to use is more practical for them rather than losing money waiting in a busy airport that does not care what their time is worth.


Did you know that the typical commercial flyer spends a total of 90 minutes at an airport for domestic flights and another 3 hours for international flights, and that is just a one way trip. Private jet travel takes away the time you would otherwise be wasting flying commercial. Normal wait time with private jet travel is around 15 minutes.

Most often those who use private jet travel are busy people, and they need to be able to continue working on projects while flying to their destination. You are to keep bringing in profit even from way up in the sky!

No one likes to be told when they can do something. Flying private allows you to control time to your benefit, and what works for you. How nice would it be to say I need to be in London by noon, and you are on your way!

Privacy and Security

Do you ever see the Kardashians in pictures using their private jet? People of this status seek one thing, and that is privacy all while knowing they are safe. Certain career paths may lead you to needing that privacy.

Being in the public lie may sound like the dream, but the worry of having your life exposed I am sure is a major downside. If one of these well known people need to go over some personal affairs or do some paperwork, they can do this in the privacy of their private jet flyer.

Comfort and Amenities

We can assure you that flying pirates is way more comfortable as well as accommodating. You have spacious cabinets, plush leather seats, master bedroom, en-suite shower, among other amenities depending on the private jet.

You have the entire cabin to yourself as the flyer. You can bring your pet with you even and no one is going to tell you that you cannot have something because you are not a flight risk.